Harman… Glen was very efficient and professional. Whole Job (and Staff) Excellent 2018

Kirstie… Brilliant Service highly recommend 2018

H. Johnson… I am completely satisfied from start to finish. 9th Feb 2018

D. Hewlett… Really pleased with the service, very quick from start to finish. 6th Feb 2018

T. MacDonald… Always perfect service & price. 31st Jan 2018

A. Armstrong… Above Expectations. 24th Jan 2018

M. Blunt… Very Professional & Extremely Helpful. 19th Dec 2017

P. Ainsley… Fantastic Service from start to finish, Thank you. 15th Dec 2017

D. Kinghorn… Thankyou. 13th Dec 2017

Bright… Excellent Staff + Service… A++. 12th Dec 2017

Mr Carpenter… Completely Satisfied. 5th Oct 2017

S. Hubbard… I shall use them again. 5th Sept 2017

Alison… Great Service. Listened to my questions and dealt with my queries with no problems. 17th Aug 2017

J. Green… I never recommend anything to anyone. But do offer my opinion of items or service and yours have been EXCELLENT. 31th July 2017

Amanda… Beautiful Blinds, Very High Standard Service. Were Very Happy. 8th Aug 2017

C. Whiting… Alls Well. 24th July 2017

L. Cater… Really pleased Thank you. 12th July 2017

G. Pallet… So pleased with everything Thanks to Sue and Glen. 11th July 2017

L. Joy… Very Satisfied. 7th July 2017

Hill… Excellent Friendly Service. 28th June 2017

K. Cole… Brilliant Service highly recommend. 25th June 2017

J. Carpenter… Excellent, Friendly Service. 5th June 2017

Cordell… Can’t improve on Excellence! 28th March 2017

Lydd Golf Club… Very Happy 8th March 2017

Lee… Fabulous 2017